Hair Transplant

What is PERCUTANEOUS TECHNIQUE? The hair transplant technique allows grafting of 5,500 micro-grafts (12,500 - 15,000 hair follicles) within one day of grafting. The selection of all patients of the Estethica Health Group indicates that the grafting method and technique of the specialist team is a major factor in the desired result.


Beard, Mustache and Eyebrow Transplants

A beard-mustache-eyebrow transplant is a solution for lack of growth, scars, burns or thinning where follicles are taken one by one from areas of sufficient hair, then transplanted into the desired area with FUE method.


Percutaneous Hair Transplant

The grafting of twice as many grafts with the recipient area with additional density. The construction of three - dimensional canals with the diameter of the root follicle guarantees a better healing of the area and a more firm grip of the grafts.


DHI Plus Gold

The newest and most innovative technique for hair transplantation. Least damage, desired depth of hair follicle plantation, faster recovery, no scarring, significantly shorter process time, most natural results!


Hair Transplant for Women

Hair loss is a health problem women commonly face. Many of whom turn to cosmetic products to prevent it, unfortunately none can stimulate hair growth. If left untreated, hair loss may cause bald patches. This is where hair transplantation for women come into play.


Hair Mesotherapy

Hair thermotherapy and mesotheraphy go hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other. Hair is massaged and softened with ozonised steam, thermotheraphy is a must for a more comfortable mesotheraphy experience. Followed by injections of a 'hair mesotheraphy gun' of special serum containing natural hair vitamins and minerals.


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